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  • In Development, YETI, Feature Film, Writer, Producer

  • In Development, 80 Brave Men, Feature Film, Producer

  • In Development, UNREST, TV Series, Producer

  • In Development, HE WHO DARES, Feature Film, Producer

  • Script, THEY, Feature Film, Writer, Producer

  • Script, G2, Feature Film, Writer, Producer

  • 2021, Television, DCI Chambers, RAGDOLL

  • 2020, Television, Richard the Lionheart's Captain, GLOW & DARKNESS

  • 2019, Feature Film, DJ, HERE ARE THE YOUNG MEN, TYM productions, Eoin Macken

  • 2018, Television, Close Protection Officer, DEEP STATE, FOX / Endor, Mathew Parkhill

  • 2018, Television, Colonel Jack Durant, WARTIME CRIME, Spirit Level Cinema / Discovery, Elio Espana

  • 2017, Short Film, Gardener, THE PAY RISE, Little Fella Films, Tim Murray

  • 2017, Short Film, DS Tom Hallan, TO ASAL WITH LOVE, NADIA, Hoofprint Productions, Marco Darnell

  • 2016, Feature Film, Big Lad, THE LATE SHIFT, &Sohne, Tobias Weber

  • 2015, Television, Huxley, THE BASTARD EXECUTIONER, FX Productions, Paris Barclay

  • 2014, Short Film, Stephen, MAISEY, Lagoon Pictures, Tommy Fitzgerald

  • 2013, Feature Film, Robert, COLD, Eoin Macken

  • 2013, Feature Film, Pearce, HOW TO BE HAPPY, Filmbase, Michael Rob Costine, Mark Gaster, Brian O'Neill

  • 2013, Feature Film, Leonard, THE CALL BACK QUEEN, Graham Cantwell

  • 2013, Short Film, Jack, DOG EAT DOG, Gavin McDonnell

  • 2013, Short Film, Sean, FORREST WATER, Michael Rob Costine

  • 2012, Short Film, Karl, PYRAMID, Graham Cantwell

  • 2012, Short Film, John, STING, Graham Cantwell

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